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How to Send Your Monthly Investor Updates

Your investors deserve to be kept in the loop, but you cannot afford to let those communications stand in the way of your productivity and progress. Knowing how to send your monthly investor updates in an effective fashion that works for both parties is essential.

Why Are Monthly Investor Updates Necessary?

 Before committing to producing a monthly investor update, you will naturally need to verify its purpose and value. When handled correctly, the document achieves several goals, including but not limited to;

  • It creates a sense of professionalism and inspires trust from investors.
  • The procedure forces you to keep moving the business in the right direction.
  • When receiving monthly updates, investors are less likely to hassle you at other times.
  • The investor update will keep them happy, and may help them spot issues.
  • It keeps you fresh in mind, which encourages investors to mention you.

For the sake of appearances, organization, and progressing the project, they are a highly valuable tool. Therefore, you should be eager to implement them into your business from the moment that investors and financial backers enter the equation.

investor updates

What Should Be Included in a Monthly Investor Update?

 Acknowledging the value of keeping investors updated is one thing, but it counts for very little if you do not include the most relevant information. The main focus points of an effective monthly update are financials, key hires, and customer wins. Essentially, these are the issues that matter most to your investors and provide insight into how their investment has performed.

Therefore, when building the monthly investor report, it’s vital that you include the following factors;

  • Key Performance Indicators.
  • Customer updates.
  • Team changes.
  • Reports of good and bad.

When looking at the KPIs, it’s usually best to focus on just 1-2 elements. Otherwise, the monthly investor update can lose focus and begin to feel a little confusing. Meanwhile, you should also invite responses to ask questions or seek further information.

How Should the Monthly Investor Update Be Formatted?

The value of the content is naturally an integral feature of creating an effective monthly investor update. Nonetheless, the formatting and design of the update can influence the investor’s mindset before they’ve even read the content.

While templates are available for start-ups, it’s important to ensure that your monthly investor updates do the following;


  • Avoid packing too much information onto the page.
  • Use headlines to ensure that readers can easily scan the information.
  • Include the investor’s name and stay polite to strengthen the bond.
  • Incorporate graphs, photos, and relevant visuals.
  • Maintain a consistent format for all future correspondence.

Finally, it’s important to build a rhythm to maintain the professional atmosphere. The best way to achieve this is to send updates at the same time (the 1st, the first Monday, or the last final workday) each month.

For further advice on finding the perfect template or maximizing the impact of your monthly investor updates, get in touch with Rosellini today.








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