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How to Prepare a Start-up Board Meeting Deck

Once your start-up business reaches a stage where board meetings are on the agenda, several preparations must be made before those meetings start. The board meeting deck is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

What Exactly Is a Board Meeting Deck?

A board meeting deck is essentially a simple pack or presentation that can be used as a guideline to move your meeting along in an effective and logical manner. Its goal is to ensure clarity and transparency for all attendants while simultaneously ensuring that the board meeting achieves the intended targets and produces resolutions to any pain points that need addressing.

The board meeting deck can also deliver advice and reinforce best practices. When prepared correctly, it can support your meeting in several ways, such as;


  • Ensure maximum time-efficiency.
  • Steer the meeting to focus on the most significant aspects.
  • Keep attendees in the loop of key topics and give them time to prepare.
  • Introduce an increased level of professionalism.
  • Assist meeting organizers to promote a better flow.

The board meeting deck can be used for all start-up meetings with board members, investors, partners, and key personnel.

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Preparing Your Startup Board Meeting Deck: What to Include

 The board meeting isn’t only a chance to analyze your business. It is also a key feature for facilitating collaboration and putting the business on a path to success. However, you don’t just need the meeting to be organized. You need the content to feel relevant and actually leave all attendants with a better understanding of the company’s current situation. The following items must be included;


  • Key Performance Indicators.
  • Key Financial Indicators.
  • Company Structure, Progress, and Update.
  • Hiring plan.
  • Board asks.

The Company Update is likely to take up the bulk of your meeting, but all items are important. The beginning of the board meeting deck should also include approval of the time allotted in case there is anything extra to add.

 Preparing Your Board Meeting Deck: Design and Delivery

Including the relevant and key information to move the meeting along efficiently is one aspect, but you also need all recipients to understand the details. Without clarity, they will enter the board meeting blindly, which will also restrict their level of input. It is important to follow these steps;


  • Avoid overcrowding pages/slides and ensure it is branded.
  • Limit each page/slide of the meeting deck to one topic.
  • Deliver a PDF version to all attendants at least 5 days before the meeting.
  • If applicable, ensure that the minutes from your previous meeting are included.
  • Personalize the email that you send with the PDF.

Of course, you’ll need to run through the content and prepare yourself for the meeting – even when it relies heavily on the input from your attendants. Finally, when the meeting has concluded, it’s imperative that you immediately debrief your team.

If you’re struggling with the design, get in touch or check out the templates on our site today.

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