Pitch Perfect: Former MLB Pitcher Developing Medical Chip

DALLAS, TX — It didn’t take long for Will Rosellini to realize he was out of his league. He was pitching for Arizona Diamondbacks in the minors and saw other power house pitchers, like Randy Johnson, throw the ball with amazing precision. Read More

How Dallas Became a Biomedical Hotbed


New techniques and devices developed in North Texas are pushing us closer to a future where doctors can reprogram damaged nerves and wiretap our brains. Read More

Binoculars may change fight against sports concussions


In a race to make football and all contact sports safer, several changes have been made in New Mexico. Read More

Texas Institute for Brain Injury and Repair


The Texas Biomedical Device Center partners with the Texas Brain Injury and Repair center at UTSW to use advanced MRI imaging to track white matter changes following Targeted Plasticity Therapy. Read More

Researcher Testing On-Field Concussion Scanners


Four Texas high school football programs are trying out an experimental system designed to diagnose concussions on the field. The technology is in response to growing concern over head trauma in America’s most watched sport. Also featured on MSN and USA Today.

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Trinity Christian football using high-tech measures to track concussions


The varsity football players at Trinity Christian Academy say getting hit hard on the field is part of the game. Read More

High-Tech Speech Treatments Receive Boost from Grants, Teamwork

Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas have received three grants from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders aimed at treating a variety of speech disorders. Read More