Nuviant Medical, Inc. Converts Debt in Preparation of Form 10 Filing

DALLAS, Oct. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Nuviant Medical Inc. (“Nuviant” or “the Company”) announced today that debtholders from a previous Medtronic intellectual property acquisition have recently converted into common stock alongside an infusion of new capital from existing investors. The transaction values the Company at $48 million in advance of a Form 10 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission expected early 2016. The Company is now debt-free and has existing government contracts to support development through the end of 2016.


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Team Wins DARPA Grant to Explore Potential Treatment for PTSD


A federal agency has awarded a four-year grant that could result in funding of up to $6.4 million to the Texas Biomedical Device Center at UT Dallas to study a potential new therapy for individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Med device maker secures $3.8M to cure tinnitus


MicroTransponder Inc., an Austin-based medical device company, has secured $3.8 million in new capital as part of a $5.5 million funding round, with the money coming from a group of 18 investors.

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Good News for Tinnitus Sufferers

The Sounds of Silence: Science-based tinnitus therapeutics are finally coming into their own.

Stop the Ringing

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Rosellini Scientific, LLC Receives $790,000 Fast Track SBIR, Names Ron Conquest Chief Operating Officer

Company Plans to Develop Proprietary Nanocomposite Balloon for Drug Delivery

DALLASAug. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Rosellini Scientific, LLC (“RS” or “the Company”) an operational investment company, announced today that it received a Fast Track SBIR to develop a micro-perforated nanocomposite balloon for intravascular anti-restenotic drug delivery.  RS is an operational investment company that specializes in the development of advanced medical device concepts at the intersection of implantable electronics, nanotechnology, and personalized medicine.

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Nuviant Medical Announces Engagement of Investment Banking Firm Healthios Capital Markets, LLC to Provide Strategic Advisory Services

DALLAS, July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Nuviant Medical (“Nuviant” or “the Company”), a medical device developer and manufacturer, announced today that it has retained Healthios Capital Markets, LLC (“Healthios”), a premiere investment bank primarily focused on the global healthcare industry, to provide strategic corporate planning and investment banking services.  Healthios will be dedicated to optimizing shareholder value through its broad scope banking services.


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Meet The MLB Player Who Helped Envision Deus Ex’s Future

Deus Ex

“Anyone can dream about the future. Interstellar space ships, laser swords, and alien races are a staple of science fiction, but it takes a lot of diligent research to craft a future that could actually come to pass. When Eidos-Montreal rebooted the Deus Ex series in 2011, it wanted to build a world that didn’t just feel real, but was a world that might become real in 15 to 20 years. The team knew they wouldn’t be able to do that on their own. In order to craft a believable near future, Deus Ex’s developers consulted with Will Rosellini, one of the leading biomechanical researchers in the field. However, Rosellini doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional scientist. This ex-pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks has spent over a decade and several million dollars engineering a future where machines can flawlessly make up for biological failings, and now he’s helping deliver that future with the Deus Ex series.”

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Watch Rosellini’s “Beyond Human” Ted Talk Here

CIRTEC Medical Systems to support new UT Dallas-led Initiative to deliver biomedical technologies from laboratory bench to bedside more efficiently

Project designed to teach biomedical researchers at UT System institutions how to start new companies

gI_124934_UT Dallas Photo 3CIRTEC Medical Systems, a leading provider of outsourced medical device manufacturing services for complex Class III implantable devices and minimally invasive devices, today announced plans to support a new UT Dallas-led initiative aimed at identifying potentially marketable biomedical technologies developed at University of Texas System institutions and moving them more efficiently from the laboratory bench to the bedside.

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University of Texas Board of Regents Meeting

UT Board of Regents Meeting

As Principle Investigator,  Rosellini contributed a Report on the Medical Technology Lean Startup Course to the UT Board of Regents.  See complete presentation at link below starting at about 2:24.00.

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