New University Initiative Brings Together Medicine, Entrepreneurship

UT Dallas, MD Anderson Cancer Center Team Up to Help Companies Commercialize Their Discoveries

A new UT Dallas-led initiative is aimed at identifying potentially marketable biomedical technologies developed at University of Texas System institutions and moving them more efficiently from the laboratory bench to the bedside.

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Brain compass implant gives blind rats psychic GPS



Who needs sight to get around when you’ve got a digital compass in your head? A neuroprosthesis that feeds geomagnetic signals into the brains of blind rats has enabled them to navigate around a maze.

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nUro, Inc. Receives Investment From >60 Accredited Investors: Now qualified to meet certain eligibility standards for public offering



Dallas, TX — nUro, Inc. announced today that it has closed an investment round with a group of investors from the US and Europe.  This investment will enable the Company to comply with the minimum accredited investors required to be publicly traded on the OTC:QB.


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nUro, Inc. Announces Opening of German Subsidiary and Intent to Go Public in Germany

Manufacturing in Clean Room

Erlangen, Germany, Feb. 27, 2015 — nUro, Inc. announced today that it is opening a German subsidiary in the Erlangen Medical Valley Center, located near Nurnberg, Bavaria. As a medical device manufacturer focused on advanced neuromodulation solutions for a variety of diseases, the Company views the Medical Valley as an ideal environment to advance its technology and to collaborate with renowned physicians and scientists.

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nUro CEO interviewed by FOX 4Ward Dan Godwin

 In this FOX 4Ward Dan Godwin takes a look at neuro technology. That’s where doctors stimulate the nervous system to treat various ailments. It’s a real promising idea in medical research and North Texas is playing a vital role in its development.

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Pitch Perfect: Former MLB Pitcher Developing Medical Chip


DALLAS, TX — It didn’t take long for Will Rosellini to realize he was out of his league. He was pitching for Arizona Diamondbacks in the minors and saw other power house pitchers, like Randy Johnson, throw the ball with amazing precision. Read More

How Dallas Became a Biomedical Hotbed


New techniques and devices developed in North Texas are pushing us closer to a future where doctors can reprogram damaged nerves and wiretap our brains. Read More

Binoculars may change fight against sports concussions


In a race to make football and all contact sports safer, several changes have been made in New Mexico. Read More

Texas Institute for Brain Injury and Repair


The Texas Biomedical Device Center partners with the Texas Brain Injury and Repair center at UTSW to use advanced MRI imaging to track white matter changes following Targeted Plasticity Therapy. Read More