William Rosellini

About Will Rosellini

DeepTech Consultant

I am driven to help founders and inventors with game-changing ideas overcome business, legal, and financial obstacles toward achieving a widespread market adoption. Although addressing different problems, all of the companies that I founded or worked with have one thing in common – people behind them that strive toward pushing the boundaries of what is known. Pioneers in their own rights, their discoveries have raised the bar for the industry as a whole, in addition to bringing profit to their investors. I was fortunate enough to recognize the disruptive potential in the early stages of all those businesses or even concepts, and ensure they will develop, iterate, and pivot properly to see the light of the day.

Are you frustrated navigating the next steps to grow your business? Do you need someone to help provide clear checklists, guidance and support to take your business from where it is to where you visualize it?

I write a weekly newsletter and make free resources that talks about managing or financing your company, how to deploy a management system called Traction/EOS within an emerging technology development, develop and execute on a strategic plan and help set a capital strategy to raise the funds you need to scale or deploy your existing capital. We talk about how to run your finance, legal, accounting and HR function in a way that will dramatically improve the operations and lower the cost. I can help align your operations to inflection points and plan the Sources and Uses to ensure investors will align with the plan. This will enable your venture to get funded with debt (SBA expert), non-dilutive financing, angel or venture capital financing. I hope you can learn how to optimize your company formation, early stage management gaps, executive/founder compensation issues, pricing models, corporate securities and capital strategy, including fundraising for emerging technology companies. I have exited 4 companies, done 7 acquisitions and raised $80M in venture and non-dilutive capital.

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