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10 Reasons to Join an Accelerator

Every business must have a starting point. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you must be prepared in all aspects as you start a business. You will need someone to guide you in the areas you are not conversant with, which is the accelerator. This program aims to give advice, direction, and offer some little funding to the new entrepreneurs who are venturing into a new field. So, why join an accelerator? Here are some of the reasons why you need to join an accelerator.

1. Comprehensive Support

Operating a new startup is tiresome, lonely, and challenging. Therefore, when you join an accelerator it helps you through the support of mentors and those offering sponsorship. They as well provide experience and knowledge.

2. Investors Access

Though accelerators do not offer direct funding, they provide a platform where you meet potential investors. You meet them mainly during demonstrations. This activity can lead you to many opportunities for additional funding from different investors. This additional funding helps you to develop your startup further without much straining.

3. A Roll of Activities

Though the accelerator program is for a short time, it is accompanied by lots of activities that are of great help to your startup. Through these activities that include meeting with mentors, feedback sessions, demonstrations, and networking, you’re in a position to get a lot of information you can rely on and directly use in your business.

join an accelerator

4. Accelerated Knowledge

Because they have been in the field for a long time, accelerators have got a lot of information massed up together. This will help you to introduce your startup very easily and improve your chances of success.

5. A Gateway to Future Customers

Accelerators provide a platform where you meet prospects who could become potential customers once you launch your startup.

6. Skills Development

Accelerators aim to enlighten you on the essential skills for running a business that includes communication, sales and marketing, finance, and technical skills.

7. Risk Management

Every startup founder fears the risks they are about to face. With accelerators, you can identify the risk in the area you are to venture into, and it will help you minimize them and manage the manageable ones.

8. A Springboard

By this, the accelerator pushes you up to the next level that you could not have thought you could reach on your own. This keeps you moving to the next level of your startup.

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9. Motivation and Morale

Interaction with other founders at the accelerator motivates you to desire to get to the next level. The large networks created exposes you to different opportunities; thus, making you motivated not to give up.

10. Continued Support Even After the Program Ends

Once you leave, the acceleration does not mean your help and assistance ends since long-term bonds are created. These bonds, if well built, will always earn you support whenever you need it.


Finally, why join an accelerator? Joining an accelerator comes with so many advantages. Discussed above are some of the reasons why you need an accelerator. If you have a question regarding the accelerator program, please contact us.


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