"Prosthetics are becoming more advanced, sensors and chips are now small enough to be embedded in people's bodies, and scientists are even learning how to safely manipulate parts of human brain."

About Will Rosellini

Will Rosellini, Chairman and CEO of Nexeon MedSystems, is a former minor-league baseball pitcher and holds five master’s degrees in addition to a law degree. He is a 15-year veteran of the neurotechnology space and has a trailblazing passion to shape the future of bioelectronics.

Rosellini previously founded Microtransponder, which is developing a vagus nerve stimulation device for the treatment of stroke and tinnitus. He also founded and led Sarif Biomedical LLC, a stereotactic microsurgery company, and Lexington Technology Group LLC, to successful exits. In 2012, Rosellini left his position as CEO at Microtransponder after temporarily losing his voice due to thyroid cancer. In 2014, within his medtech incubator hedge fund, Rosellini Scientific, Rosellini acquired from Medtronic 14 patents related to remotely-monitored implantable devices as well as a venture-backed Belgian company, Synaptic, that had developed a vertically-integrated manufacturing company and what Rosellini calls a “best-in-class closed-loop stimulation system”. The device was CE marked for deep brain stimulation, but the firm had declared bankruptcy in March 2014.

With momentum from these acquisitions, Rosellini founded a neurostimulation company that eventually became known as Nuviant Medical, an entity that has been funded by a mixture of grants and investments from multiple private and government investors. It has raised a total of $7 million, with its most recent fundraising round of $250,000 from nXn Partners in Dallas. In January 2015, it was awarded a grant for €3.4 million from the Wallonia (Belgium) governmental initiative BioWin. The firm in its various iterations has also won NIH Small Business Innovation Research grants to develop a wireless neuromodulation device for overactive bladder and for neurogenic dysphagia.

Since December 2015, Rosellini contributed assets from Rosellini Scientific to a newly-formed Nexeon MedSystems and teamed up with medtech thought leader and Nexeon Founder Dr. Mark C. Bates. Rosellini and Bates are developing a portfolio of active implantable and external medical devices and corresponding remote monitoring and data acquisition IT systems for the treatment of various chronic diseases and disorders. Concurrently, Rosellini has served as Director for Marathon Patent Group (NASDAQ: MARA) since 2012.

Separate from his medtech entrepreneurial endeavors but reflective of his commitment to contributing to the future vision of this field, Rosellini has served as a leading science consultant to Deus Ex, a video game series set in 2027 that focuses on the effects of transhumanistic attitudes and technologies in a dystopian future setting. Rosellini provides ongoing counsel regarding the anticipated pace of future tech development and associated inflection points on the horizon for human augmentation.

While human outperform machines in certain tasks, like pattern recognition and creative abstraction, comibing the two intrelligences could make for unprecedented approch to global problems.

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